Justice Be our Shield and Defender.. #GarissaAttack

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the departed young brothers and sisters, and may God rest their souls rest in eternal peace.

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It’s been more than 48 hours since the most brutal attack against innocent Kenyans in recent times began. We have wept and having no tears to shed anymore we have resorted to silent weeping with hearts full of grief, agony and inexplainable pain.

We have lost too much to these senseless killings by a bunch of cowardly wannabe jihadists. We have lost our children, our brothers, our mothers, our dads and now our too young brothers, friends and sisters.

Through history we have always come out unbowed. Through the 1998 bomb attack, the #Westgate massacre, the twin Mandera attacks and now this unexplainable attack of students in Garissa University college.

As a Kenyan I know first hand how painful the journey has been. Struggling with deaths after deaths. Pain on top of agony. I very well know how hurting the Westgate killing spree was to us as a country and…

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Ken's Chronicles


In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all… Perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You can not now realize that you will ever feel better… And yet it is a mistake. You are sure to be happy again. To know this, which is certainly true, will make you some less miserable now. I have had experience enough to know what I say; and you need only to believe it, to feel better at once.

Abraham Lincoln, U.S. president

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The woman who drinks alone…

Wow, poise and how your presence wears a room(beauty).

Ken's Chronicles


She walks in and perches herself on a stool, retrieves her phone from her handbag then leans over and hooks her purse under the counter.

She smiles at the barman and they have a brief conversation. When she smiles you see a little crease at the corner of her eye. Which means she is not a day under 34. Plus her elbows tell a story.

They can hide their age with their lips and with their makeup, but their elbows will always tell the truth. She, very flittingly, looks around then settles on the TV above.

She’s bedecked in a crisp white top with a greenish skirt that she might insist on calling lime. She has hips, you can tell, by the way they spread out on that stool. At the end of her endless legs are these sexy dark-red high heels –the colour of an ox’s heart.

Drinking ritual

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My pledge, Children and Girls

Your blog is hilarious, challenging and true. Loved it!

Pure Madness

Photo courtesy: www.flickr.com Photo courtesy: http://www.flickr.com

The evening news can be a source of heartache and stress more than it can be a source of information. I have heard many people say that Kenyan news is too depressing to watch. If it’s not the leaders we woke up early to go vote for doing everything but what they promised to do, then it’s the society turning against itself in every way.

A man who hacks his wife and children to death before taking his own life, the rising cases of violent crimes, road accidents, community intolerance, hate speech you name it, it will be on your menu everyday on the evening news. As if you don’t get enough of the bad news at the end of every day, the newspapers will be ready to remind you the following morning how bad, the bad news was yesterday.

In media they say that good news…

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Safety Belts: Choice of Life or Death

Thank God you survived.

From My Mind...

First of all, sincere apologies to my readers and followers for having slagged in making a post in the past few days; I’ve been up and down clearing my desk and office (in Meru) and getting ready to start my new job (which is actually this morning) in audit, head office. Transition from operations to audit is a great move, personally for me as this is a job I came to love while auditing in a small water company in my hometown. I gained a lot of respect and admiration for the job and I told myself “when I grow up I wanna work full-time as an auditor.” This dream is coming true today. But the move from Meru to Nairobi wasn’t a pleasant one; actually traumatizing. I had a car accident along the Makuyu-Nairobi highway, at a petrol station just before entering the dual carriage that makes up the…

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