Womanhood is all but “Brave it!”

I take a deep breath, its that time of the month, again!, this time i dont want to take painkillers, i want to face it like a woman, my stomach starts to rumble, my hand finds itself on the stomach, the toilet is the most comfirtable place right now, i stare at the tablets, buscopan. A thought crosses my mind back in the days when i would brave it, a few deep breaths and all would be well, was it because i was young? Did God mean for women to suffer every month, to remind us how miserable and needful humans are? I also remember older women who have given birth telling me that their pain is no more, the Moon just flows and most often times than not they mess up their dresses, and only realise when a stranger whispers, so i wonder, what is better, no pain and embarassment, or no show but deep pain.I wonder what it is like to give birth, the pain i hear about, i cannot fathom. But as they say, i will cross the bridge when i get there, i also hear straight after you forget the pain, this is when you stop cursing Eve for her sin. But in all of this i am greatful to have been born a woman, a mother of generations, and yes, no medicine for me today, i will brave it and be thankful for it, and child birth? I have nothing to fear! Because that is what women do, BRAVE IT!