The Stripper is for the Moves

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Ken's Chronicles


“Find God, find yourself, then come find me.” I saw this quote as I was up and down the streets of this country. You see, this is not a quote you expect to see in Nairobi for so many reasons key among them being the inability of Nairobians to identify with a higher being other than Kanyari or the Kiunas. Don’t get me wrong here or misunderstand me. These are two sets of individuals trying to earn a living out of the desperation of others.

So I thought about that quote really seriously and realized I have a soft spot for God loving chics. Not those flashy girls that are paraded on our screens during Sunday televangelist shows; but a girl who can kneel in her room, alone and say something to God. A girl who can relate happening in life to some Bible significance is the epitome of awesomeness…

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Tragedy: When your male friends own a car and you don’t

The Deal

If you are a man, one of the uglier truths you have to contend with is that one of your friends will buy or acquire a car before you do. The way life is structured, it is always the arseholes, guys full of themselves (read sh*t) who get the ride before you do.

You never realise how stupid, competitive and randy a man can be until he acquires his first car. First he assumes a position of power over all his male friends who do not have. The he gets horny and feels entitled to all the women he never had a chance to sleep with when he was a broke, unremarkable man. Now that he owns a car, he assumes that every other male friends without a car should be his pimp and errand boy. In exchange for the women he wants and the favour, he occasionally drops you…

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