Of corruption, misplaced army barracks and insecurity

The Deal

Imagine, if after independence, having claimed the Northern Frontier, the government actually endeavored to build roads and schools and equitably share resources in the country? Well, they say, the Southern part was more agriculturally productive, thus deserved the roads and the requisite infrastructure for us to move the coffee and tea. But imagine if the successive governments (Moi, after 1982, Moi after 1992, Kibaki after 2002 and Kenyatta after 2013) had actually laid down a road network, hospitals and schools up in the North after taking care of the South.

I can only imagine that the largely Cushitic people of Muslim faith would have felt a part of us and we will not be looking up North with a casual detachment. Like it is another country. Presently, the only statistics that the North Eastern folk are better off is they have less HIV infections, and this is largely attributable to…

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