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First, apologies for disappearing off the blogging scene, I haven’t had access to internet for four weeks (new office control measures) but now am back and with a few stories to tell. Last week was a landmark in Kenya’s history; for the first time, President Uhuru gave a tough standline on corrupt State Officials to step aside and pave way for investigations. The State Officials include Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries, Governors, MPs, Heads of Parastatals, MCAs etc. Never before (as good as my memory serves me) that a President has issued such directive to his government subjects. Before they’d be fired and everything goes under the water, but now there may be some shred of hope of some corrupt deals getting prosecuted after all.

Soon after his directive, some cabinet secretaries called press briefings to announce they were stepping down from office to pave way for investigations. But some were…

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3 thoughts on “Corruption: More Reason I Love My President

  1. Ah dear, Kenyans and names. You were referring to President Uhuru and I was thinking, “But I thought the President of Kenya was Kenyatta.” OK. So it’s Uhuru Kenyatta. Is it possible to explain to this Aussie when one name is used and when the other is used? On international media after the Garissa University massacre, he was referred to as President Kenyatta.

    • Hey Patricia,
      I see it that this is a name just like any other so which ever name you call him uhuru or Muigai or Kenyatta.still is the same person when you refer him to as the president of Kenya. I am also of the opinion that his name kenya and Kenyatta is just a coincidence just as Arsene manager of Arsenal is to Arsenal. Why does it seem to confuse this Aussie? Am just wondering.

  2. THANK YOU so much for replying.

    Well, I have two given names and a family name. After my marriage, I kept my original family name which is quite unusual in Australia. Since their father left when they were 6 and 4, my two sons gave me a great honour by choosing as adults to legally change their family name to mine, Hayward, rather than keep that of their biological father.
    When my younger son and his wife had their first child almost three months ago, they gave her a given name that they both liked, a middle name of Paton (a tremendous honour to my husband and my son’s stepfather as that is his family name and who has been their real father in every sense of the word since they were 7 and 9, and my DAUGHTER-In-LAW’s family name. She had kept her family name when marrying. Whilst it is becoming a bit more common in Australia for women to keep their family names after marriage, this is only the second time I have EVER heard of a baby born to a happily married couple being given the MOTHER’s family name.
    Anyway, you probably didn’t need to know all that. My point is that I have two given names, Patricia Daisy and a family name, Hayward. People might refer to me as Patricia, in fact they mostly do as there aren’t that many Patricia’s around and being a bit of an iconoclast, and Australians are generally pretty informal anyway and mostly refer to people by their given name, OR they might call me Mrs Hayward – or, if there is a danger of confusion e.g. if is in reference to something involved with the family where there might be 5 or 6 Mrs Haywards, they might refer to me as (Mrs optional) Patricia Hayward. There is none of this, to quote you, “so which ever name you call him uhuru or Muigai or Kenyatta.still is the same person” – how many names do Kenyans have and how do others know to whom you are referring when people have lots of names?
    I’m very sorry I have taken so long to reply to your comment. I just stumbled across my WordPress account and found a backlog of responses and questions. This form of communication is new to me – I almost always use email – and I was confused about how to find replies.
    All the best,

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