Justice Be our Shield and Defender.. #GarissaAttack

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the departed young brothers and sisters, and may God rest their souls rest in eternal peace.

Ken's Chronicles


It’s been more than 48 hours since the most brutal attack against innocent Kenyans in recent times began. We have wept and having no tears to shed anymore we have resorted to silent weeping with hearts full of grief, agony and inexplainable pain.

We have lost too much to these senseless killings by a bunch of cowardly wannabe jihadists. We have lost our children, our brothers, our mothers, our dads and now our too young brothers, friends and sisters.

Through history we have always come out unbowed. Through the 1998 bomb attack, the #Westgate massacre, the twin Mandera attacks and now this unexplainable attack of students in Garissa University college.

As a Kenyan I know first hand how painful the journey has been. Struggling with deaths after deaths. Pain on top of agony. I very well know how hurting the Westgate killing spree was to us as a country and…

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