The woman who drinks alone…

Wow, poise and how your presence wears a room(beauty).

Ken's Chronicles


She walks in and perches herself on a stool, retrieves her phone from her handbag then leans over and hooks her purse under the counter.

She smiles at the barman and they have a brief conversation. When she smiles you see a little crease at the corner of her eye. Which means she is not a day under 34. Plus her elbows tell a story.

They can hide their age with their lips and with their makeup, but their elbows will always tell the truth. She, very flittingly, looks around then settles on the TV above.

She’s bedecked in a crisp white top with a greenish skirt that she might insist on calling lime. She has hips, you can tell, by the way they spread out on that stool. At the end of her endless legs are these sexy dark-red high heels –the colour of an ox’s heart.

Drinking ritual

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