Procrastinators? Or last minute rushers

I got to act now, I tell myself every day, and procrastination being a norm in many Kenyans, those honest enough will tell you that in the past they have waited until the last day of voter registration, just to queue for the whole day waiting to register. Procrastination because most probably, it’s an action they (me included) have postponed from day one, making us? Last minute rushers? We’ll, I tell you for free that if you identify with this then we are many, you are not alone and all of us wish we never postponed. This is after enduring a loooong day of queuing under the hot sun without water or food, you might get lucky only and only if you are 8.5 months pregnant, if you faint or if you are of visibly poor health. Kenyans are a merciful lot so if you fake a serious case, you just might get lucky. This is the same for those who do late filing at the Times Tower..
Many in this list extend this to careers and dreams. You wonder why achieving your dream is still vision 2030 and beyond? When will you stop paying rent and stay in your dream house? …. maybe, just maybe if we stop post poning our dreams, maybe if we start living our dreams, maybe if we purpose to no longer be last minute rushers, just maybe if we don’t limit our dreams to the amounts we have in the accounts for a start, or even the much time we have, just maybe. Then we will enjoy our short lives,doing what we love, we will drive the cars we want…….. But this starts with me and you. When are you going to decide? I am starting tonight, now!


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