My pledge, Children and Girls

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Pure Madness

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The evening news can be a source of heartache and stress more than it can be a source of information. I have heard many people say that Kenyan news is too depressing to watch. If it’s not the leaders we woke up early to go vote for doing everything but what they promised to do, then it’s the society turning against itself in every way.

A man who hacks his wife and children to death before taking his own life, the rising cases of violent crimes, road accidents, community intolerance, hate speech you name it, it will be on your menu everyday on the evening news. As if you don’t get enough of the bad news at the end of every day, the newspapers will be ready to remind you the following morning how bad, the bad news was yesterday.

In media they say that good news…

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Safety Belts: Choice of Life or Death

Thank God you survived.

From My Mind...

First of all, sincere apologies to my readers and followers for having slagged in making a post in the past few days; I’ve been up and down clearing my desk and office (in Meru) and getting ready to start my new job (which is actually this morning) in audit, head office. Transition from operations to audit is a great move, personally for me as this is a job I came to love while auditing in a small water company in my hometown. I gained a lot of respect and admiration for the job and I told myself “when I grow up I wanna work full-time as an auditor.” This dream is coming true today. But the move from Meru to Nairobi wasn’t a pleasant one; actually traumatizing. I had a car accident along the Makuyu-Nairobi highway, at a petrol station just before entering the dual carriage that makes up the…

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Why you shouldn’t go to church

Chris Martin Writes

I’ve been to almost every kind of church imaginable. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Non denominational, etc. I’ve attended churches based out of schools, theaters, and even shopping malls. Each are different in their own way. Some have great worship, others don’t. Some have a phenomenal speaker, others don’t. The list can go on and on. At one point, I became focused on the organization and structure of churches and didn’t like it. I started down the road to becoming an anti-church kind of guy.

As I started listening to a pastor named Dan Mohler, digging more into the Word, and spending more time alone with God in the secret place, I started to realize a few things. I came up with a list that I wanted to share with my fellow believers.

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t go to church.

You shouldn’t go to church looking for acceptance. God…

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Bensouda’s Immoral Claims On Kenyans Must Have Consequences

When former ICC prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo came to Kenya, he made two promises. He said that he would nail the perpetrators of the post-election violence in no time and he would use the ICC to make Kenya an example to the world. This, he said, was because he had water-tight evidence of six individuals who he would be charging for crimes against humanity.

In December 2015, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda withdrew the charges brought against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta due to her own admission of lack of evidence. This was the fourth of the six individuals who charges were being dropped despite the continuous promise by the Ocampo and Bensouda that there was enough evidence to convict the alleged perpetrators.

After Bensouda withdrew Uhuru’s case, the Victim’s lawyer asked the court to force her to publish her Pre-Trial Brief on the premise that Kenyans wanted to know the evidence she…

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Langata Children Get Gassed For Land.

The Real Deal

First lets start with the story the Kenyan media so desperately wants to bury. We have been told over and over again that William Ruto does not own the Weston Hotel which is at the centre of Langata Primary School land grab. When the land grab story first emerged it was often accompanied by a rejoinder that William Ruto does not own Weston Hotel. I asked myself, if Ruto does not own the hotel why do they have to tell us. It should not even be an issue.

Well it is. And here is why:

That also explains why everybody including president Uhuru, Internal Security Secretary, Ngilu, NLC are all blaming the teachers and the kids for being in a demonstration and asking the thieves to come take their property and not one person is saying the obvious. This is a court case.

EACC and the DPP should be…

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Service With A Sniffle

I couldn’t help but laugh through the read. I can relate with this just the other day I had a bad cold and it was baaad! But I can assure you I had less of the snorting with other people and I generally kept some good manners.

Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings


 A wise man uses his head when using a headset.

I had to call the customer service department of a major software company the other day, which is trip to the third circle of hell at the best of times. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that the young man on the other end of the line was a native English speaker. His every word came through loud and clear! Unfortunately, so did his every bodily noise.

My knight in shining headset had a cold.

The more I think about it, though, he was probably afflicted with seasonal allergies.  Someone who is suffering from a cold is miserably aware of that fact, and this guy seemed oblivious to the noises coming forth from his nasal region. Those noises were being picked up with nauseating clarity by his ultra-sensitive headset microphone.

“May I help you? (snort)” he started…

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