Womanhood is all but “Brave it!”

I take a deep breath, its that time of the month, again!, this time i dont want to take painkillers, i want to face it like a woman, my stomach starts to rumble, my hand finds itself on the stomach, the toilet is the most comfirtable place right now, i stare at the tablets, buscopan. A thought crosses my mind back in the days when i would brave it, a few deep breaths and all would be well, was it because i was young? Did God mean for women to suffer every month, to remind us how miserable and needful humans are? I also remember older women who have given birth telling me that their pain is no more, the Moon just flows and most often times than not they mess up their dresses, and only realise when a stranger whispers, so i wonder, what is better, no pain and embarassment, or no show but deep pain.I wonder what it is like to give birth, the pain i hear about, i cannot fathom. But as they say, i will cross the bridge when i get there, i also hear straight after you forget the pain, this is when you stop cursing Eve for her sin. But in all of this i am greatful to have been born a woman, a mother of generations, and yes, no medicine for me today, i will brave it and be thankful for it, and child birth? I have nothing to fear! Because that is what women do, BRAVE IT!

The Stripper is for the Moves

Hahaha, great read as always



“Find God, find yourself, then come find me.” I saw this quote as I was up and down the streets of this country. You see, this is not a quote you expect to see in Nairobi for so many reasons key among them being the inability of Nairobians to identify with a higher being other than Kanyari or the Kiunas. Don’t get me wrong here or misunderstand me. These are two sets of individuals trying to earn a living out of the desperation of others.

So I thought about that quote really seriously and realized I have a soft spot for God loving chics. Not those flashy girls that are paraded on our screens during Sunday televangelist shows; but a girl who can kneel in her room, alone and say something to God. A girl who can relate happening in life to some Bible significance is the epitome of awesomeness…

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Tragedy: When your male friends own a car and you don’t

The Deal

If you are a man, one of the uglier truths you have to contend with is that one of your friends will buy or acquire a car before you do. The way life is structured, it is always the arseholes, guys full of themselves (read sh*t) who get the ride before you do.

You never realise how stupid, competitive and randy a man can be until he acquires his first car. First he assumes a position of power over all his male friends who do not have. The he gets horny and feels entitled to all the women he never had a chance to sleep with when he was a broke, unremarkable man. Now that he owns a car, he assumes that every other male friends without a car should be his pimp and errand boy. In exchange for the women he wants and the favour, he occasionally drops you…

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A letter to Your Excellency, The Governor,


Dear Your Excellency, The Governor,

I start this letter by stripping myself of all titles to my name, because I want to speak to you Mr. Governor as Dennis Itumbi, Citizen number 22219988.

When I was growing up, like most of those reading this letter and a majority of those who voted for you, we only knew one hospital –The General Hospital.
Our parents could not afford any other, I lost my only sister because like I was told at the time she had been born with a big heart – I remember asking Mum how that was a bad thing, I thought we all needed a big heart. Later I was to learn she died because she was born with a rare heart condition and by the time it was discovered it was too late to save her. We buried her before she could pronounce her own name.


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May we never go the inter-religious war way

The Deal

The scariest words I have ever heard came from a distant relative. It was moments after Kibaki had pulled that mother of comebacks, December 2007, sending the country to chaos. We were tucked in a small room, watching Kibaki swearing at dusk, totally benumbed at what had just happened.

Everyone in that house wanted war. People had voted for Raila overwhelmingly, and Raila had been leading for several hours before we learnt of the vote bank in Tharaka Nithi. We were red-eyed. As Kisiis, we could not punch anyone from a different tribe given we have a high number of our clansmen spread across the country. We had to be careful. Besides as Bantus, and businessmen at large, we dislike anything that upsets the business environment. So we were not ready to pick arrows and bows, though, we had to stop an attack from the North in the Borabu region.

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Of corruption, misplaced army barracks and insecurity

The Deal

Imagine, if after independence, having claimed the Northern Frontier, the government actually endeavored to build roads and schools and equitably share resources in the country? Well, they say, the Southern part was more agriculturally productive, thus deserved the roads and the requisite infrastructure for us to move the coffee and tea. But imagine if the successive governments (Moi, after 1982, Moi after 1992, Kibaki after 2002 and Kenyatta after 2013) had actually laid down a road network, hospitals and schools up in the North after taking care of the South.

I can only imagine that the largely Cushitic people of Muslim faith would have felt a part of us and we will not be looking up North with a casual detachment. Like it is another country. Presently, the only statistics that the North Eastern folk are better off is they have less HIV infections, and this is largely attributable to…

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Corruption: More Reason I Love My President

From My Mind...

First, apologies for disappearing off the blogging scene, I haven’t had access to internet for four weeks (new office control measures) but now am back and with a few stories to tell. Last week was a landmark in Kenya’s history; for the first time, President Uhuru gave a tough standline on corrupt State Officials to step aside and pave way for investigations. The State Officials include Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries, Governors, MPs, Heads of Parastatals, MCAs etc. Never before (as good as my memory serves me) that a President has issued such directive to his government subjects. Before they’d be fired and everything goes under the water, but now there may be some shred of hope of some corrupt deals getting prosecuted after all.

Soon after his directive, some cabinet secretaries called press briefings to announce they were stepping down from office to pave way for investigations. But some were…

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Justice Be our Shield and Defender.. #GarissaAttack

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the departed young brothers and sisters, and may God rest their souls rest in eternal peace.



It’s been more than 48 hours since the most brutal attack against innocent Kenyans in recent times began. We have wept and having no tears to shed anymore we have resorted to silent weeping with hearts full of grief, agony and inexplainable pain.

We have lost too much to these senseless killings by a bunch of cowardly wannabe jihadists. We have lost our children, our brothers, our mothers, our dads and now our too young brothers, friends and sisters.

Through history we have always come out unbowed. Through the 1998 bomb attack, the #Westgate massacre, the twin Mandera attacks and now this unexplainable attack of students in Garissa University college.

As a Kenyan I know first hand how painful the journey has been. Struggling with deaths after deaths. Pain on top of agony. I very well know how hurting the Westgate killing spree was to us as a country and…

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In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all… Perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You can not now realize that you will ever feel better… And yet it is a mistake. You are sure to be happy again. To know this, which is certainly true, will make you some less miserable now. I have had experience enough to know what I say; and you need only to believe it, to feel better at once.

Abraham Lincoln, U.S. president

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